Performing MRI for brain is safe as well as painless test that usually take assistance of a magnetic field and different kinds of radio waves just in order to produce detailed images of the brain and the brain stem. MRI is completely different from that of CAT scan as it does not use any kind of radiation.
MRI machines, usually consists of a large doughnut shaped magnet that has a proper tunnel in the center. A person who is going to have MRI scan for one’s brain is placed on the table that slides into the tunnel. There are open MRI machines that have larger opening and are quite helpful for patient’s claustrophobia. During the exam, radio waves are usually manipulated through the magnetic position of the atoms from the body which are picked up by a powerful and by the machine to the computer.

The device performs various functions and calculations and finally gives out clear and cross-sectional black and white images of the body by completely diagnosing it.With the clear pictures in hand it is quite capable to pinpoint the problems in the brain and stem the cause of the problem when the doctors focus on those areas.

It is better to go for MRI as it can detect a variety of conditions of the brain like that of cysts, tumor, swelling, bleeding, any developmental abnormalities, and infections, inflammatory conditions are various problems with the blood vessels. It can also detect the cause of damage that is done on one’s brain are there by injury or a stroke. It also helps in evaluating problems like that of Persistent headache, dizziness, weakness, blurry vision etc. the process of Emirate can help to detect various chronic diseases from
the nervous system as well as any kind of problem if one is suffering
because of  dis-functioning of the brain.
This is also one of the simplest processes that can be carried out easily without having any difficulty. It helps in solving out various problems without making an individual face any kind of difficulty.